What do you love about your job?

I love that I get to capture memories for people that will literally last forever. It's a bit surreal when I think about it. I feel very blessed that I get to be a small part of that process. There is also this great excitement for me as a photographer to have the opportunity to create beauty. Beauty is already all around us, but being able to capture a quick second smile, or an angle where the sun just hits right, makes an image that more memorable. Photography brings out the story that is already at play before our eyes. I love seeing the joy on my clients’ faces, when they see their story in photos. There's no other feeling like it.

What or who inspired you to start your business?

I started my photography business after many years of enjoying photography as a hobby. It was the birth of my son that ignited a passion and desire to take my photography to another level. Around the same time of my son's birth, I was going through some serious health issues. I found myself picking up my camera every day and capturing photos of my son. I suddenly realized the more I picked up my camera, the more I found healing. From there, the idea sprung that I wanted to pursue a business. It's been a wonderful roller coaster of a ride, but I wouldn't change a thing. I love my job and I love all the wonderful people I get to meet day in and day out. Really it's all just pure joy for me. Who knew running my own business could be so much fun?!

Do you do any other photography besides weddings & Portraits?

Yes! I have done event photography for concerts and music artists. I have covered photography for Kat Dahlia, Anna Pancaldi and Bryde. Check out their music on iTunes because it's awesome!


Are you a licensed business?

Absolutely! I am also part of Professional Photographers of America where I continue to keep up my education. 

Why do you not give out a Cd/DVD?

Great question! My hope is you will always be able to have access to your photos! Technology is constantly changing. Newer computers every year no longer come with a CD/DVD drive. Instead we are seeing more of a push for everything being digital. Now a days, people are buying movies off their tv and no longer collecting DVDs. So in keeping up with the times and ensuring you will be able to view your photos for years to come, I provide a digital download. Wedding Packages come with an optional USB Flash Drive. These can also be purchased for portrait sessions.

Do you travel for weddings or portraits?

Yes of course! If you are planning a destination wedding, I can surely be there. I frequently travel to Florida for weddings and have traveled as far as England. Traveling is my middle name! 

Do you have an ASSISTANT for weddings?

Yes I do! I love my assistant! They primarily will help carry all my gear and help as I switch lenses. They help make sure the day goes smoothly!


how long does it take till I see my photos?

I know the anticipation of waiting to see pictures so for that reason I try my hardest to get you your photos as fast as I can. For portraits, you can expect a turn around time of 2-3 weeks. For weddings, 6-8 weeks.